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    Access Point some files do not show

    Dale Borchardt

      I have a number of files showing in access point. At one time the problem file was showing. Now, it will just not appear in access point (EXCEPT for 2 users. me and another test dev user). I can grab other .qvd files and put them in the same folder and they will show. I was able to go back many steps in the development of this document and finally I got the file to show. Is there some settign in a qlikview doc that could make it not show? it Might have something to do with section access. Can Section access make a doc not show?

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          Chip Matejowsky

          Hi Dale,

          Section Access can definitely limit a QVW from appearing on the AccessPoint. Suggest you comment out the Section Access within the QVW, save it and re-publish it to the AccessPoint. If it does appear, then you'll know you need to have a look at the Section  Access script.


          This video may help: QlikView Security Video Series (2 of 8): Simple Row-level Security via Section Access



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              Dale Borchardt

              When I comment out Section access it works.

              I have the section access data in SQL tables. Below is my section access script and a sample of data from the two tables. Can't quite figure out why it does not work when I turn it on. I am in the process of removing the QVBUDSAKEY field in the application part of the script. could that be it?


              SECTION ACCESS;





              SQL SELECT *

              FROM QBudget.dbo.QvBudSectionAccess








              SQL SELECT *

              FROM QBudget.dbo.QvBudSectionApplication




                 Section Access from SQL



              ADMIN     DHBH00   
              USER      TXQH02   
              USER      KENH00   
              USER      BPHH00   
              USER      AMKH00   
              USER      MEDH0    
              USER      TVEH00   
              USER      TJLH00   
              USER      TXQH00   


              Section Application table from SQL



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                  Peter Cammaert

                  In theory, SA-equipped documents will disappear from the AP for some users if their Windows account doesn't appear in the NTNAME column of your SA table AND you enabled option Settings->Document Properties->Server->Filter AccessPoint Document List Based on Section Access.


                  Deleting a critical field that makes Data Reduction work (possibly breaking it) will not hide the document from the AP, but will get most if not all users an Access Denied message.


                  BTW it's never a good idea to link Section Access to Section Application using the standard security fields like ACCESS, NTNAME, USERID or PASSWORD. Maybe you can try storing a copy of NTNAME values in a differently named field, and changing the corresponding name in the Section Application table.