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    Weird Behaviour with Pivot Table

    andy whitfield

      Morning folks,


      weird one reported by one of a clients, check out the screen shot below:




      The expand icon on the HRG dimension shows that it's fully expanded, but no values display for the Consultant OR Episode ID. IF the chart is swapped to a Straight Table, the data appears!



      Any ideas? They are running on 11.00 SR2.


      Thanks in advance Andy

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          Marcus Sommer

          I remember that there was a similar case but not when and if there was a solution. At first I would try to display these values by right-clicking on the description field and fully expand the following columns instead of clicking on the single-icons. Another approach would be to recreate this table from the scratch in case that this table is corrupted in any way.


          ps: also an upgrade to a recent release might be helpful.


          - Marcus

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            Michalina McAllister



            Something very similar happened to me - we were using 2 different SR's of QV 11.20 and passing the qvw made tiny bits corrupted. Not sure if this is the case here, but probably the best idea would be to re-create the object.


            good luck!