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    Update your Qlik Sense Cloud Business workgroup data files with REST and Dropbox - Proof of Concept

    Michael Tarallo


      NOTE: I am aware that the Web File Connector can be used to do something like this much easier BUT Web File is not available in Qlik Sense Cloud. You can also use a Dropbox URL to access a file without the Dropbox REST API if the file is in a public folder.

      Hi Guys - I have see many on the Qlik Sense Cloud forums asking about how is it possible to automatically update the data files that one uploads to the group workspace of Qlik Sense Cloud Business. In short - it's not possible at the moment. You would need to manually upload the new data files to refresh, update, overwrite them etc. (assuming they contain new data). Connectivity is a big focus for Qlik Sense Cloud this year and I want you to know that we are aware of this gap and we are working on a possible automated solution to address this. I know many of you want to take advantage of the automated task scheduling and data refresh that comes with Qlik Sense Cloud Business, but if you are not using sources such as Salesforce or Qlik DataMarket at the moment - it really defeats the purpose unless you remember to upload the latest data file.


      I think I have a possible interim solution for you when the REST Connector becomes available in Qlik Sense Cloud Business shortly. I tested this out and it seemed to work and I wanted to share it with you. In short, I am using the REST Connector and the Dropbox HTTP (REST) API to retrieve files from Dropbox and feed them into Qlik Sense. Watch this 5 min video to learn more. Note: I am not taking into consideration "other" factors - this is more a proof-of-concept at this point. Enjoy!


      Note: You would need a 3rd party task/tool to move the updated file from your systems to the dropbox folder.



      NOTE: To increase resolution or size of the video, select the YouTube logo at the bottom right of the player. You will be brought directly to YouTube where you can increase the resolution and size of the player window. Look for the 'settings' gears icon in the lower right of the player once at YouTube.


      Can't see the video? YouTube blocked? Download the .mp4 attached to this document.