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    forcing small data values that dont show up in the bar chart

    ria Desai

      I have a bar chart where by clicking on Chart properties-->expressions-->values on data points, you can see all the values.

      Although sometimes you wont see if the value is too small. eg: grey part of the bar chart for 2017 in the pic attached.


      I know we can make it appear forcefully by adding formulae in presentation tab -->text in chart.  I tried but it doesn't seem to give correct answer


      My expressions and dimensions are as below:

      I have below dimension and expressions in the chart properties for bar chart


      Dimension: =if("Year" = 'FY-16' or "Year" = 'FY-17', "Fiscal Year")


      expr = count(if(TYPE] = 'I' and [Job ] <> 'Direct', [REASON G]))/((count({< [TYPE],[TREASON],[REASON G] = >} (if([Job ]<> 'Direct', [EMPLID]))))/2)


      I tried putting below in presentation tab -->text in chart . But doesnt work. basically doesnt give same value as it should give when you hover over the chart:


      =num (


      count(if([TYPE] = 'I' and [Job] <> 'Direct' and [Year] = 'FY-17', [REASON G]))


      (count({< [TYPE],[TREASON],[REASON G] = >} (if([Job ]<> 'Direct', [EMPLID]))))/2


      , '#,##0.00%'



      Can someone help here?