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    If statement in calculated dimension breaks the selection

    Amien Amien

      I have a table with conditionals shows.

      The enduser can select which dimensions he wants to view.


      To make it possible i have a listbox (data island) where selections can be made. This works fine.


      But now i want to make it more end-user friendly (in the end solutions there are alot of fields to select), i want to split the listboxes.

      I do this by adding a calculated dimension to the listbox =If(Tag = 'Order',Field)


      The problem is then that is it NOT possible to select a field in both listboxes. So it's not possible to select a field in the client list and a field in the order list.


      How can i solve this?


      I tried to create a data-island for both client and orders. This will work, but the thing is that i need to proper sort order of the dimensions. And this is a mix of both client fields and order fields.


      See attachment ! Thanks in advanced