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    Color cell in PIVOT based on it's value

    Глеб Аитов



      I have Measures as rows and Valuelist(2017,2016,Diff,%) as Dimensions.


      I want to color the "%" column as at the picture below:



      if(ColumnNo()=4, ( if( Column(1) > 0,rgb(153,255,153),rgb(255,153,153)) ), )


      The above formula works fine, but I want to dynamically reference the current column (in red color in the above formula), i.e. I want something like if ( Column( ColumnNo() ) > 0, but it won't work (as you can see, he ColumnNo returns vertical column numbers rather than horizontal. The RowNo won't work at all (I think it is because the Pivot uses Measure as rows, i.e. it is transposed.


      Please, help.