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    Text Box Expression - Change on Selection

    nayan lalla



      I have 3 text boxes with expressions:


      Total Text Box:

      =Count( DISTINCT(Call))


      Incidents Text Box:

      =Count({< [Call Type] = {'Incidents'}>} DISTINCT(Call))


      Requests Text Box:

      =Count({< [Call Type] = {'Requests'}>} DISTINCT(Call))


      Its a count of calls, where the first is Total, the 2nd is where the Call Type = Incidents and the last where Call Type is equal to Requests.


      How do I create an expression in the Incidents and Request text boxes, so that when I select "Incidents" under Call Type, the Request Text should display nothing.  Similarly, If I select "Requests" under Call Type, the Incidents Text box should display nothing.


      Please can you help.


      Kind regards