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    Exclude from chart where value is in selection

    Justin Dallas

      TL;DR When I select in a filter list "Green" I want my chart to show every row where the color is NOT Green.  Right now my set analysis looks like this, but it's not blocking the actions of the FilterList.

          substringcount(GetFieldSelections(my_color,'|'),my_color) = 0

      Hello Everyone,


      So the gist of my problem is that I have a chart that has a field called BillTo in it  I also have a ListBox/FilterList where the user can select the BillTo.


      What I want to happen is that when the user selects a certain BillTo, the chart shows BillTos that DO NOT match the selection.  The problem is that I have to tell the chart to the filtering taking place on a certain parameter but to also show the set analysis.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.