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    Audit Data changes or Updates.

    Brett Nelson

      I have a Qlikview presentation that measures the sales orders loaded by person by customer by date. Recently we have notice updates on the data in that if a user on the MIS database updates a sales order their name is then tagged to the sales order (OurContact as loadedby) and the original person losses the credit for the initially raised order.


      So in basic terms. I could raise a order and have 10 orders in April accounted to me and if a colleague updates one off them he or she then has 1 order and i have 9 (OurContact as loadedby). I would like a way to see these changes based on each time the script is refreshed.


      We unfortunately do not have a audit function on our MIS system.


      Any ideas?

      Thanks in advance






      Below is the script.





         month(SOrderDate) as MonthSalesOrderLoaded,

         Year(SOrderDate) as YearSalesOrderLoaded,

      OurContact as loadedby,


      SQL SELECT *

      FROM PUB."PV_SOrder"

      WHERE (SOrderDate > '$(varMaxDate)') ;




      [Customer Name]:

      LOAD CustCode,


      SQL SELECT CustCode,


      FROM PUB."PV_Customer";