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    How to Code Qlik qvd

    Saurav Gupta

      Hey mto

      I am absolutely new in Qlik family. I know Qlik has its its own scripting language(similar to SQL, but its not SQL). Qlik's drag and drop method is good enough to create basic level dashboards. But, I want to create more configurable and robust apps in Qlik. To know full potential of Qlik, It is important to learn how can I script in Data Load Editor.

      Question 1.

      I want to know good sources from where I can learn how to use script functions in Qlik.

      like : video, Online-training, books, etc

      Question 2.

      How can I use SQL.

      Like : if I want to write SQL scripts in Data Load Editor(not Qlik script function). what are the steps I need to follow. I see it is not exactly similar to what we use for querying in SQL-DBs



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          Andrey Khoronenko

          Hi Saurav,


          Question 1.

          You can start from here Load ‒ QlikView


          Question 2.

          The opportunity of using the syntax of language SQL in Qlik scripts is limited by the capabilities of drivers SQL and is different for different drivers. In general, it is considered good practice to use language Qlik in scripts.



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            Michael Tarallo

            Hello Saurav, (thanks for tagging me and letting me aware of your question)


            Additional information on getting started with QlikView can be found here:



            Qlik Sense here:



            In regards to your questions - it is not necessarily the case to use data load script to create advanced and exciting interactive dashboards - data load script - is used to load data into the qlik data model and there are also a variety of chart functions that are used after the data load - and these are used as expressions either in the Measure or Dimension settings of the chart object. So it greatly depends on your needs. We also have a robust set of APIs where you can create almost anything - limited to your imagination.


            Here is a great example of use Qlik APIs to create a chat bot: Push the Boundaries of Analytics - Qlik Sense Bot (video)


            FOR SQL - you really only need to load the base tables using simple selects - you DO NOT NEED aggregation functions, order or group functions, sub-selects - correlated sub-queries etc. At times you may want to use advanced SQL - for specific needs - perhaps to output data to a QVD (file based representation of the compressed Qlik in-memory data model used to quickly load data into a Qlik app - instead of from the source) - but for the most part it is not necessary.



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