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    Week Number of Quarter

    Dave Melillo

      I am trying to get a field that is the WEEK NUMBER of a fiscal quarter.


      The wrinkle is that I have "custom" quarters built.


      For instance, 2016 fiscal quarters are as expected (i.e Jan-mar = Q1), but then 2017Q1 is January 2017, 2018Q1 is Feb, Mar, Apr 2018, 20182 is May, Jun, Jul 2018 and so on


      Is there any way to get the week number per quarter even when it is custom?


      - dave

        • Re: Week Number of Quarter
          Stefan Wühl

          Not sure how you define your week numbers, but maybe using Autonumber().


          Assuming you already created your fiscal quarters field and you have e.g. a date field:





               Autonumber( Weekstart(DateField), FiscalQuartersField) as WeekNumber,