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    hierarchical documents

    Rafael Gerhardt



      I have a table with hierarchical documents, named DOCs.

      There are three levels, but only two fields for registration.

      DOC field: records the issued document.

      DOCREF field: records the document being changed by DOC.

      I need to group all changes in the original document, in new table, named DOCsOriginal.

      How do I do that?

      Look at the table and the results:



      DocDocREF $
      NC1 1.000,00
      NC2NC1 500,00
      NC3NC2- 100,00
      NC4NC1 50,00
      NC5NC4- 20,00
      Total NC1 1.430,00




      DocOriginalDocsChange R$ Current
      NC1NC2; NC3; NC4; NC5 1.430,00