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    Max value of measure in pivot table

    Nikos Tsachalis

      Hi all,


      I have recently discovered Qlik and I am stuck with the following:


      I have created a pivot table with dimensions 'Resource' and 'CollectionTime' (The granularity of the collected data is 15 minutes). The measure is 'Outbound Rate'.

      I am trying to find the busy hour. For this I have created a new measure as follows:


      RangeSum(Above([Outbound Rate],0,4))


      However I am stuck in find the max value of the above. The goal is to find the busy hour (max of the above measure) per interface.

      I have used  rangemax(RangeSum(Above([Outbound Rate],0,4)),Resource,CollectionTime) but it reports the same as RangeSum(Above([Outbound Rate],0,4)).

      Any help is much appreciated.

      Thx in advance


      PS I am using Qlik Desktop.