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    QlikSense Error when trying to store and replace files




      Currently I am working with the QlikSense Enterprise edition, and you see, we're running into a very specific problem.


      We create a QVD file which is to be overwritten on a regular basis on multiple environments. When we create the QVD file in one environment/folder, say folder A, and then we copy and paste (Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V) it to another environment, say folder B, the original, created file can be overwritten with the 'Store Table Into [lib://folder A/Table.QVD]' command in folder A; however, there is an error whenever we've been trying to overwrite the copied file in folder B using 'Store Table Into [lib://folder B/Table.QVD]'. It's giving us a 'Cannot open file' Error when trying to store into the copied file only; but, it is still able to read from that copied and pasted file.


      What is the reason that this may be occurring can anyone explain? Also, has anyone else encountered this error? If anyone knows the answers then kindly please do answer and I will be really grateful.