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    Reload script of published app

    Some Nath Roy



      Created a security rule as below:

      (user.userId like "*"))


      Resource filter : App_*,Stream_*,App.Object_*,ReloadTask_*


      Action : Create, Read, Update, Publish


      this allows a particular user to view and reload the original script of a published application. Thus a user can add some other data to the published app.


      Now the security rule been modified as below:

      ((user.userId like "*" and user.@CP_UserGroup=resource.@CP_UserGroup ))


      also a user , Stream and app are associated with the same value of the custom property .@CP_UserGroup. Now that user could not see and reload the orignal script to add some data. Error message is showing Access is denied .

      Is it possible to get the reload script of a published app while using custom property attached in that security rule ?