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    How to put different dimension into one column at the same time

    Ivan Yang

      Dear QS Experts


      I am new to Qlik Sense and I am a front end user which means I don't need to import data by script from back end side


      Now my raw data is as below




      The result I need is as below. The indications are the dimensions I need and I need to put them all in the same pivot table at the same time so that I can show a specific table for my client as he requests



      The requests are as below.

      1. Use expression in master item (dimension)

      2. All the indicators above should exit at the same time which means

          a. I can't use bookmark for each indicator to show the data I need one by one (in each bookmark)

          b. I can't use below selection to achieve each indicator by selecting them (as we can only have one result each time)




      So may I know if its possible to put different fixed dimension (with expression) under one column at the same time in Qlik Sense?


      If so, how can we do so?


      Thank you for you advise in advance



      Best Regards