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    mix of allocated & dynamic Named CALs

    Karolina Papaj

      Hi All,


      I cannot find exact information in documentation for that.


      If I have 25 Names CALs, can I assign 5 CALs to users so they will have guaranteed access and check 'allow dynamic CALs' so that 20 others will be assigned dynamically?
      Will QS recoginzed which CALs are assign manually which dynamically and would not remove manual assigment after 24h?

        • Re: mix of allocated & dynamic Named CALs
          Jason Klingler

          Hi Karolina,


          If you have all Named User CALs, you'll be fine. You can assign manually and let the remainder be assigned dynamically.


          The 24hrs is how long the CAL is Quarantined. Basically, if your ran out of CALs, you could only delete CALs that have not been used in the last 24hrs.


          Also, QS will not remove any of the CALs, if you need to free some up, you'll have to do it via the QMC.


          Hope that helps,