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    Create extension setting to take in value from variable

    Rebekah Beets

      I am editing an extension and I'd like to make a setting able to take in a variable...



      return {

      type: "items",

         component: "accordion",

         items: {

         dimensions: {

          uses: "dimensions",

          min: 0,

          max: 0


      measures: {

         uses: "measures",

          min: 1,

         max: 1


      sorting: {

          uses: "sorting"


      settings: {

           maxValue: {

                  type: "integer",

                  ref: "maxValue",

                  label: "maxValue",

                 defaultValue: 100



      that gives this...

      Ext fill gauge.PNG


      I need to be able to put a variable in instead of 100... maxValue would equal $(vMAXVal).


      Also, how does the d3 code behind detect when a change has been made on the front, like when I change the 100 to 1000? im used to using 'onchange' or 'onhover' in the javascript, but d3 with qlik probably has its own method for detecting when somethings been changed.


      how does the d3 access the new number or variable that has been set for maxValue in the code behind?


      Thank you for helping this noob!