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    Line Graph Cumulative Data

    Joshua Russin

      Trying to make a line graph that has accumulated data.

      The graph I need help with is on the following sheet called "Err Graphs"


      I need a way to accumulate the data for each month.

      In the table I have, There is no total Field, I just used set expression to get total by a count of data.


      Total =

      (Count({$<Year_ER = {"$(=Year(FirstWorkDate(ConvertToLocalTime(Date(now()), 'GMT-05:00'),1,$(vHolidays)))-1)"},

      Valid_Not_Valid_ER = {'Valid-MMO Caused'}, COM_ER = {'N/A'}>} ERR_ER))


      The Total is just a measure in the graph.



      Any way I can put this on a line graph and calculate it within Qlik?


      This is the outcome I am expected to get.


        • Re: Line Graph Cumulative Data
          Sunny Talwar

          May be this


          Rangesum(Above(TOTAL (Count({$<Year_ER = {"$(=Year(FirstWorkDate(ConvertToLocalTime(Date(now()), 'GMT-05:00'),1,$(vHolidays)))-1)"},

          Valid_Not_Valid_ER = {'Valid-MMO Caused'}, COM_ER = {'N/A'}>} ERR_ER)


          Count({$<Month_ER = {"$(=Month-1)"},

          Valid_Not_Valid_ER = {'Valid-MMO Caused'}, COM_ER = {'N/A'}>} ERR_ER)), 0, RowNo(TOTAL)))



            • Re: Line Graph Cumulative Data
              Joshua Russin

              That worked perfectly.


              Anyway you could take a look at this and see why I am not getting the result of 'Biomet' for Client_CD for each month on the new QI Graphs sheet. I can get the grand total and the cumulative total to work, but it will not count the number of 'Client_CD' by month. I have even tried just getting the count in a text box. Here is new attached app.


              There are supposed to be a total of 8 occurrences of Client_CD = {'Biomet'} in Jan, 2016.