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    Open local Path in Qlik Sense

    Christopher Lemm

      Hello Qlik Community,


      I have the following question:

      How can I open a local path or just a path using the windows-explorer from a Qlik Sense Table?

      I load for example a table including a key (let's say it's just a number) and a path, like


      LOAD * INLINE [
      Key, Path
      1, C:\SomeFolder
      2, C:\Qlik Sense Data\Database
      2, C:\Program Files (x86)\File.pdf


      I visualize the data using a standard Qlik Sense Table and I represent my Path as an URL:


      If I click on an URL Windows 10 asks me to choose a tool to open it with (but it does not give me anything like "Windows Explorer" etc. it's empty). When I access my hub using a browser it tries to open a new tab with the url-encoded path which is no website so it fails too. I thought about encoding the path, which I did, but it didn't change anything. The browser now doesn't do anything, because the "URL" representation isn't working anymore:


      I tried starting the filepath with "file://" which isn't working too. Which brings me back to my question: How do I open an path/file on my filesystem?

      Thank you in advance.