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    Error when upload extension in Shared Persistence Environment

    Matthew Pang

      Hi everyone,


      I encounter error when i try to upload extension into my Qlik Sense server 3.1.4 in Shared Persistence environment.

      However the extension is working fine in Single Server environment same version.


      it return the error message in the <machine ID>_AuditActivity_Repository.txt:-



      308512.2.9.020170303T111619.979+0800<Machine ID>075c19a8-cf06-4774-8c09-624f8247ddefCommand=Add extension;Result=400;ResultText=Error: PersistenceFailedd0e90696-792e-4932-b1a0-79e2f3f6a073822b6dc0-3886-45e3-b09f-991760c850080<Domain ID><Login ID>0Not availableRepositoryManagementAccess/qrs/extension/uploadAdd extension400 Cannot add the following file: initialproperties.js. There might be a problem accessing it. (HTTP code: 400)075c19a8-cf06-4774-8c09-624f8247ddef



      did anyone encounter this and resolve this problem before?