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    Boxplots and set analysis

    Simone Trabattoni

      Hi community,

      I'm working woth the June 2017 release of Qlik Sense Desktop, and I'm fighting with boxplots. I want boxplot for workers and their sales, and a boxplot independent by selection of the single worker.


      The first boxplot is quite easy.


      dimension: worker

      measure: Sum(sale)


      Then I would like a boxplot independent by the selections of the worker, to compare the worker's behaviour with an overall behaviour.


      dimension: worker

      measure: Sum({$<[worker]=>}sale)


      The problem is there: set does not works properly (maybe my mistake).

      Attached an app with the example, and also a pie chart that is independent from worker selection.


      I'm frankly doubtful, because for example R does not need a dimension for a boxplot, here a simple example (different data, but you can easily understand) with the result:







      But Qlik yes, and maybe this is the key.

      However, my question is: can I have a boxplot independent by selections? If so, also independent by its dimension? And how?

      Thanks in advance



      It seems there is a bug in Qlik, could you help me?


      Dirk Scharffetter, Jeffrey Goldberg, Mattias Malre Michael Tarallo



      Posted in the Qlik Bug Group


      Boxplots and Set Analysis