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    Problems with Upload/NewStand

    Guillermo Ortiz

      Hello everybody!


      I´m having a problem with the NewStand of Nprinting. I´m going to try to explain it as detailled as possible.


      I have 5 reports programmed to reload every morning at 7.00, and they have been reloading well till today.


      The thing is that when I check in the Dashboard of Nprinting it shows that my reports have been reloaded as always, without problems, and even in the Tasks tab it shows that all the reloads have been done without problems at 7.00.


      But when I go to the NewStand, I have only the versions of my reports of yesterday.


      I think that I have tried everything:


      -Reloaded the reports manually

      -Restarting the Nprinting Services

      -Checking if my roles still being Developper and if I still having the rigths to see the reports in the NewStand

      -Checking in the Task tab if there have been some problems with the reloads, the automatic ones and the manual  ones.


      I attach two images to help to understand my problem:


      In the column "Actualizado" I have the realod dates fof my reports

      imagen Nprinting.png


      And these are the dates of my reports in the NewStand:




      If someone could help me .


      Thank you in advance!