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    indirect reference to variables

    Namhi Kim

      Hello QV experts,


      I'm trying to reference variables using field values. I want to set variables as below, using Input Box, as below, and reference them using field values in the existing data.


      vFactor1 = 1.2

      vFactor2 = 1.3

      vFactor3 = 2.4


      So the data sample as below, I would like to set the "FactorSelect" based on the value in the Category field, "vFactor" & Category, and use it for further calulation in chart objects.


      Name    Category   FactorSelect

      a             1              1.2

      b             1              1.2

      c             2               1.3

      d             3               2.4


      I tried using $('vFactor' & [Category]) but it doesn't return any value. Is it possible to indirectly refer to variables and how can I do this?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Felip Drechsler

          Hi Namhi,


          Do something like this




          Load * inline












               ApplyMap('FactorSelect',Category) as FactorSelect

          From [whatever];



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              Namhi Kim

              Thanks a lot. I guess I wasn't very clear. I'm trying to do this in sheet objects instead in script. What I want to do is set

              factors, vFactor1-3, using Input objects, and assign them to loaded data in sheet objects for further calculation.


              Name    Category   Price  FactorSelect

              a             1               120            1.2

              b             1               110             1.2

              c             2               200             1.3

              d             3               130              2.4


              What I'm trying to do is effectively, below

              = sum ( [Price] *  [FactorSelect] )


              but because this FactorSelect field doesn't exist and should be set dynamically (after script has run by the user inupt)

              I am attempting to indirectly reference vFactor1-3 depending on the value in the Category field.


              = sum ( [Price] *  ['vFactor' & $(Category)] )


              Is possible to do in QlikView?

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              Ruben Marin

              Hi Namhi, $-expansion is done before the table it's calculated, so it won't use the value of each of row.


              It can be used with a selector that ensures that only one category is selected, but for a row by row calculations you can load as a field value as noted above by Felip.