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    Set analysis problem

    Telmo Duarte

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to convert expressions on a dashboard to use Set Analysis instead of IF to see if there are any performance improvements.

      The tables on the dashboard tab need to be "static", meaning you cannot make any selections and these tables are not affected by selections on other tabs.


      So far I've set the tables to read only and I also have a macro that detaches the tables as soon as a tab is selected. I don't find this very practical so I wanted to have a go with Set Analysis.


      Current IF expression:

      sum(if(week_start=var_current_max_week AND _Market = 'My Sales', Revenue))

      - working fine


      New Set Analysis expression:

      sum({1<week_start={'$(var_current_max_week)'}, _Market={'My Sales'}>} Revenue)

      - I can't get this one to work... it's returning much higher values and it doesn't seem to be applying the set analysis on these fields.

      What am I doing wrong?