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    Does QlikView work with data warehouses

      I intend to recommend Qlikview for an enterprise looking to adopt a BI solution, so I need your help to find out if it can collaborate with data ware houses. In addition, I need to know if it fulfils the following requirements:


      General Requirements

      • Ability to perform “What-if” analysis
      • Ability to perform Slice and Dice on data
      • Ability to provide drilling capabilities whichincludes drill down, drill up, drill across, drill through
      • Ability to save queries and also share queriesbetween users
      • Support for exception highlighting e.g. deviationfrom budget >10%
      • Ability to handle large historical data
      • Ability to empower business users with roll-upcapabilities
      • Support for robust data mining capabilities forknowledge discovery


      Should be able to extract transactional data from the following applications:

      • Flexcube Retail
      • Flexcube Corporate
      • Kastle
      • Accius
      • Xceed
      • Sales Planning Tool
      • TradeTracker
      • Future data sources


      Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) Requirements

      • Support APIs for direct integration with Third-Party tools (SAP, PeopleSoft, Siebel, etc.)
      • Support for bulk loading to targets
      • Support for flexible metadata repository platforms (Oracle, SQL Server, Access etc)
      • Support for the following platform for running the ETL engine:
          • HP-UX
          • Windows Server



      Thanks in advance for your feedback.