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    Enable selection on system function; especially OSUSER() function

    omar bensalem

      Hi everybody,


      I'm currently creating an extension, but now I'm facing some trouble; let me explain it:


      I want to be able to SELECT the OSUSER().


      In fact, each User will have the possibility to comment on some alerts. the user ID is written as follow:

      =SubField( SubField( OSUser(),';',1),'=',2)&'\'&SubField( SubField( OSUser(),';',2),'=',2)

      What I do, is in my Javascript file, I want to revoer this and put it in the UserID field of the extension:


      var selState = app.selectionState( );

                  var listener = function() {



                  selState.OnData.bind( listener );


      BUT. when I click on it: the OSUSER(), It won't appear on the selections area and thus I can recover it using this:



      What should i do?

      How could I recover the OSUSER() and being able to select it?

      Thanks !