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    Json commands from engine api explorer does not return list of sheets

    Rebekah Beets

      So I can connect to the qlik server via javascript fine.. i get the engine and select an app via the code generated by the engine api explorer fine. When i get the code from the engine api explorer to list the sheets and pop it into the javascript, I get a list of the apps, not the sheets...





      "name": "SHEETLIST",

      "method": "CreateSessionObject",

      "handle": "${dochandle}",

      "params": [


      "qInfo": {

      "qType": "SheetList"


      "qAppObjectListDef": {

      "qType": "sheet",

      "qData": {

      "title": "/qMetaDef/title",

      "description": "/qMetaDef/description",

      "thumbnail": "/thumbnail",

      "cells": "/cells",

      "rank": "/rank",

      "columns": "/columns",

      "rows": "/rows"







      "method": "GetLayout",

      "handle": "${SHEETLIST.result.qReturn.qHandle}",

      "params": []





      Does not give a list of sheets - it gives the list of apps/docs. In the Engine API explorer it does, but not in javascript.