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    to create a new field in depence on another fieldname

    Beck Bakytbek

      Hi Folks,


      i got a situation, namely my table does look like:



      1,           70,                    30

      2,           80,                    20


      in the row with ID = 1, the number 70 belongs to engineer, the number 30 belong to architect.


      i want to achieve this output:

      ID, USERFIELD1, NewField_1,   USERFIELD2,     NewField_2

      1,           70,           engineer                30                 architect

      2,           80,           engineer                20                 architect


      and namely if i select 70, i want to see: the engineer, i know, it does look a bit strange, but i have only this table. can i create such newfields?


      Thanks a lot for your help