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    Colouring by Dimension

    Christoph Hebig

      Hi Community,


      We're using the September 2017 Version of Qlik Sense Desktop and Enterprise. The Functionality of the Master Dimensions increased by a lot, BUT I think they aren't working properly at the moment.


      When I create a Master Dimension, calculated via some if-clauses, I can use it just fine and it does deliver me the correct values, but the coloring does not work at all. When using the Master Dimension, every Dimension Value will be colored as the "Null"-Color.


      My Dimension does look like the following:


      if(dim = a OR dim = b, 'hub',

      if(dim = c OR dim = d ... OR dim = m, 'CC', 'NA'))


      The inner if-clause has 13 values.

      For my Measure, I'm using a simple "count(distinct user_id)".


      I can't provide a sample of data because it's company internal data that I am not allowed to share.


      I hope anyone can help me on this.

      Kind Regards