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    Count Function

    Meghann MacDonald

      Hi! Wondering how this is supposed to be formatted.


      Count(distinct{$<[DATE MODIFIED] + EXPIRATION - [DATE MODIFIED.autoCalendar.Date] = {">3"}>} [ASSET TITLE])


      This function doesn't work. Basically, I want to count the number of asset titles in which the Date modified plus the number of months in the expiration field minus today is greater than 3 months.

      An asset's date modified is the last time it was touched. It's expiration is the amount of months it takes past when it was last touched for it to expire, which we can assume is 24 months right now. The last date modified field is today. I want to say, if an asset has been touched for 24 months (in this situation but the number will be different by each asset), count it. So, if the date it was touched + expiration (which gives you the date it will expire) is more than 3 months away from today, count it.

      Please help!