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    Syntax for FROM statement to load from existing QVD

    Paul Carver

      I am very new to QlikSense and am attempting to replicate a data load script from one of my existing Qlikview docs but it is failing to load.

      I have created a Data Connection - "My Data" and changed the FROM statement within the load script to



      FROM [lib://My Date/Filename.qvd (qvd)]  - several other variations BUT the load fails every time with a 'cannot open file' error


      I have also tried to select the file from the Data Connection but this just hangs (I can see the full list of files when I select Edit Data Connection)


      I am able to drag the qvd file into the QlikSense document BUT I want to restrict the data load which is why I need to replicate the load script from the original Qlikview document