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    SVG Map in QlikView - UK Counties

    Emma Doherty

      Hi Everyone,


      I am hoping someone can help - it is ages since I tried to use SVG maps in QlikView and I find myself now needing to try with some urgency.


      I have to try and fix an app for tomorrow morning (I'm hoping the moderators let this through quickly) and just need to replace the broken space where a map was (not sure how it was built) with something "simple" like the SVG map.


      Simple ... but for one thing.  I can't find anywhere, what IDs they use for the UK counties.  I have a fairly standard data set (i.e. a bit rubbish) so I need to clean it anyway, but I need to find out what I need to clean it to!


      Any help or advice would be amazing!


      Thanks in advance.