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    Filter pane exclusive instead of inclusive?

    brayden ashdown

      Hi all,


      I would like to be able to select multiple values in a filter pane and have the rest of the data show instances where BOTH selections are true.  For example, if I had a list of projects which different employees are working on, I want to make a filter pane with employee names that I can then select and show only projects that both employees worked on.





      If given the above data, I want a filter pane that when I select 'Bob', the list of projects will show A, B and C.  However if I select 'Bob' and 'Mary', the list of projects will show only B and C.  If I select 'Bob', 'Mark' and 'Mary', it will only show project C. 


      Right now, if I select 'Bob' and 'Mary' – the output is all three projects because either Bob OR Mary worked on one of those projects and I'm interested only in projects that Bob AND Mary worked on.


      Is something like this possible?


      I was hoping to use a filter pane because in reality my problem has many different charts and KPIs that I would like to link to this filter and something like a pivot table won't work.


      Thanks for your help,