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    Update/Insert to a Database Table from QlikSense via ODBC Connection

    Jacob Knight

      Good day QlikSense community!

      My company is a long time QlikView shop and trying to dip our toes into the QlikSense world with our first application.  One of the requirements of any BI tool we use is that it be able to log statuses back to our master scheduler environment for monitoring.  That requires a simple insert statement to be executed from the QlikSense load script.  In QlikView we simply add the "mode is write" option to an ODBC connection string and it works flawlessly.  QlikSense does not seem to have that option available.  I have a ticket open with Qlik Support now, and hopefully that will result in an answer, but I wanted to post this to the community to see what options you may know of.


      My hope is that someone on this forum knows where that "hidden checkbox" might be inside of QlikSense that would make this effort simple.


      Thank you in advance,