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    Qliksense Business Cloud first impressions....

    cristian ivanoff

      Hi All!

      I have been working with QlikSense Business Cloud for a couple of days and get annoyed by some lack of features.These are impressions from a total newbie to qliksense (and cloud).


      Excuse my bad English so bear with me. I have a simple case here. My customers request: Ingest daily data from Nasdaq and display some KPI's in different ways and it have to be in the cloud. Easy right? My first reaction was "Oh Great I can use QlikSense Business Cloud where I have data through Qlik data market".


      Well, it wasn't so easy. Maybe I'm just ignorant or something and if you notice that I do something wrong please let me know.


      First of all, qlik data market is "available" when you look through the account. Well you might think its available. But, the activation icon is greyed out. Why? there's no way at all to activate this. So I talked to the Qlik support who lets me know that "its not available through the cloud service - only Essentials data is available". So why show it?


      Ok, no problems, lets use another source and use the REST-connector available. Did this, and it works fine. But, there is no possibility to add variables to the connection so my REST-calls have to be static. Great, now my customer needs to modify the call each day or....I "modify" the connection (with variables) in the script when doing the call to the source. Ok, so I made a dummy connection, because you have to open a connection first to modify it, and the script modifies the connection- this is how I think it works. Any way it works fine. I had to do some other stuff to refresh the security token etc but now I have the data. Tons av data!


      Now the REST-call takes a couple of seconds - approx 30 sec - and I thought - "I really don't need the to load the old data" - so lets do some kind of incremental load. I'll save the data in a QVD with STORE INTO every day and load the app from there. Well, did somebody forget to tell me or write somewhere that STORE INTO doesn't work on the cloud? Yes they sure did because I could't get this to work and looking through the community I found out that other people had the same problem. Why is this anyway? I mean there's a folder to upload files right? Couldn't we use that folder to store the qvd? My solution have to load all data every time. That's it.


      At this stage I'm pleased with the solution even though it could be better. Now the customer enters and says "This is great! Could you add the latest (spot) prices on top of the end of day prices?".... Hmm this means that the customer wants the already ingested daily rates but also the latest prices during the day on top - we need to refresh the app several times per day. In practice I need to add a REST-call to another resource (latest prices) but I cant load daily data from a previous QVD - cant save qvd's remember? -  so I have to load all data, that is, all daily prices and the new spot prices every time! No worries, let's do this! But wait...You cant schedule the app to be loaded every hour (or other period) during the day (?)....The user have to right-click and update the app every time they want to have correct latest prices in the app. Not a big deal for me but the customer don't want to do that because they might "forget".

      So, I don't know if I'm doing something wrong here, but I don't find another way than letting a robot (thanks RPA) trigger the reload of the app.


      In summary - I found out that Qlik Data Market is not available, you cant have a dynamic REST-calls through the connector, you may not save your data from the script into a folder, and you cant reload the app more than once per day. On the other hand, in spite these issues, I could present a solution fast to the customer that didn't use Qlik before. But it makes me wonder what audience this service is targeting? Is it a user that only uploads excel sheets and plays around with it on the cloud?


      The positive side of this is that I had a solution up and running very fast! and I can't think of other tools on the cloud that can be used for this.


      Please let me know if I can do something better in my solution. As I said I have only been working with QlikSense Cloud for a couple of days and I'm sure things could be done better.




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          Felip Drechsler

          Hi Cristian,

          As to the dynamic part of REST connection, you can use the WITH CONNECTION statement to override some parameters in your query.


          See the following:


          SELECT statement syntax with the REST Connector ‒ Qlik Connectors



          Hope it helps.

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            Michael Tarallo

            Hello Cris  - thank you so much for taking the time to write this up - in short you are quite accurate about the items you discovered and they are being addressed. I am not sure as to when they would be available however - I know that Qlik Sense Enterprise - installed in a cloud environment would certainly address all these issues - but that is not what you want at this time. I can tell you that all of these issues should be going away as I we continue to work on our cloud within our continuous development model / offering. I have also forwarded this information to our products team - just to make them aware. Feel free to reach out to me and the Qlik Community as needed and we will do our best to assist you.


            Kind Regards,

            Mike Tarallo

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              Robert Hutchings

              But wait...You cant schedule the app to be loaded every hour (or other period) during the day (?)"


              Hi cristian


              I'm unsure why Qlik didn't allow an hourly update. Daily nowadays is just not enough. Or even better schedule update times. Say once on Sat and Sun and at say 6, 9 , 12 , 15 and 18 on work days


              But the way I got around this was to have three identical Apps. A morning app, midday and evening. It's a pain but it is one solution.


              But this is much better if required. Hopefully its simple enough to do


              "but I don't find another way than letting a robot (thanks RPA) trigger the reload of the app."


              "and I can't think of other tools on the cloud that can be used for this."


              QSCB could be brilliant. but I feel QLIK are holding it back to not upset the resellers and their server business. They need to find a solution to this as the world doesn't stop. And the reality is the BI world has changed. For the better in my view. it makes BI accessible now to everyone. Its a huge new market.

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                Christopher Ilacqua

                Hi Cris,


                Thank you for your passion for Qlik Cloud Business and your feedback.  Qlik appreciates your feedback and we are working on a number of these issues in the context of our next generation platform that will drive Cloud Business and all our offerings which you and all Qlikies (subscribers) will be an important part of that journey.  Have you had a chance to catch one of our VYW sessions?  If not, please feel free to reach out to me directly and glad to do a 1 on 1 session with you  and share where the Qlik platform is going in the coming year that will address these issues and create a seamless experience and features targeted to your needs.


                Hope this helps and again feel free to pm me and glad to set up some time.



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                    cristian ivanoff

                    Hi Christopher,

                    Yes I went to the VYW in Stockholm. "Unfortunately" the sessions where so popular that I didn't get a seat in the most interesting topics (for me) but there were very good presentations overall.




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                      Robert Hutchings

                      Hi Christopher


                      Thanks for your reply. but couldn't Qlik inform users what they intend to do with the current version of QSCB if anything. Because the next generation cloud platform could be years away. I have clients today that want features and I just can't tell them what Qlik plan to do.


                      There are some basic features missing. Especially exporting stream data. But also extensions and other features. Posters are asking time and time again but there is just silence from Qlik. Even saying its not going to be added would be better.

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                          cristian ivanoff

                          A roadmap for the service would actually be of big help. It seems that QSCB differs from the "on premise" version. When are the products converging to one and the same version, if ever?

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                              Denise LaForgia

                              Hi Cristian,

                              Thanks again for your feedback and for visiting us at VYW Stockholm! Hopefully you got a chance to attend the keynote, but in case not, you can watch our Qonnections keynote here to find out more about our hybrid cloud strategy and plans to merge our cloud and QSE environments to give users optimal flexibility and choice around how and where to deploy.

                              Best Regards,


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                                  Robert Hutchings

                                  Hi Denise


                                  Thanks for this. But what I'm trying to get Qlik to do is answer some very basic questions about the little things. This presentation is interesting but I'm more concerned about the next 3-6 months. What is planned for the current QSCB (not a more expensive option) over the next 3-6 months. especially regarding extension. exporting, more streams etc if anything. I would sooner know if QSCB is going to be left like it is than the silence.


                                  One of my clients can't afford lots of money on BI at this point in time. But they must be able to export data. Its a key requirement. I need to know what is planned on this front. Do they have to use the work-space for exporting for good. Or not?


                                  Thanks for any help you can give on this.

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                            cristian ivanoff


                            (..trying to tag all the qlik people who commented but don't know their usernames mto )


                            We where in a small test period last week. Everything worked fine. I noticed that to move an app from my own work area to the shared group work area (created in the Business mode) I had to download the app to my local drive and then upload. So enterprise   Is this really the only way?- and I had to re-create all connectors again. Well besides from this my customer was happy. He was testing his new app and creating new calculations. Me? Proud, informing the customer: "You see you may create all your calculations and charts etc".


                            All of a sudden the customer calls me: "The app is gone. All my work is gone. What should I do? I did something wrong!". So I login and see that we are on a "Basic" mode again. The shared work area was gone and so was the app he's been working on. Strange. Everything seemed fine with payment so I call Qlik Support who lets me know that the payment failed - I realize that the credit card used is blocked for international payments - "Ok, thats fine. I'll unblock it and please roll back the app" I said. But Qlik has no backup of the work done. So we simply lost the app and all work done. Qlik: "Its important to do a copy of your work and save it". Well YEAAAAAHHHH?!?!?! It was saved in the cloud? How can you just delete all work done? What if we have been working with this service for a couple of months and created a lot of different apps and the payments fails for what ever reason? Will you delete all apps? Is this "enterprise"?


                            Now - I have unblocked the credit card - but it wasn't clear if I had to activate the seats again or buy new seats. Either way I just bought two new seats.


                            Seems that you have some things to work on Qlik and sorry for the "frustrated" tone in my post.

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                                Robert Hutchings

                                Hi Cristian


                                I had the same issue and brought this up on another thread. Qlik it seems is mainly focusing on the main product and not QSCB. Whereas I feel the future is QSCB not the more expensive, more complex product.

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                                  Sarah Kohler

                                  Hi Cris, and I am very sorry to hear of your frustrating experiences.  Please reach out to me with your email address at sarah.kohler@qlik.com.  It seems that some misinformation has been given to you, and I apologize for the lack of clarity.


                                  1. Qlik takes hourly back ups and retains the back ups for 30 days.
                                  2. Content is deleted from our services only when:


                                  • a user "Removes" the content
                                  • the user formally requests one of our system administrators delete files on their behalf.


                                  Creating a new subscription will entitle you with a new workspace, which would naturally be empty, making it appear as if your work is gone, but I'd like our teams to look into this matter for you, unwind the issue and retrieve your content,  and get you back on your feet.


                                  Thank you for your loyalty, patience, and feedback,


                                  Sarah Kohler

                                  Director, Product Management, Qlik Cloud