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    New start

    Siddique Ibrahim

      I am new to the Qlik please help how to start and do? I am interested to convey this to my students

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hello Siddique -


          Thanks for your question.


          A great place to get started learning Qlik - is at Qlik Continuous Classroom - they have some free modules to help you get started.


          QCC is also offering some free content (that you would normally subscribe to) this week - so possibly take advantage why you can.


          If you are looking for more informal content to help you get started I suggest you check out this:


          New to Qlik Sense Videos


          This content is freely available and can be visited by your students as well.


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          Mike Tarallo


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            Sarah Miller

            Hi Siddique,

            As a member of the Academic Program you have been granted several free resources including the Qlik Continuous Classroom that Michael is referring to.  Please review your email for the welcome email which grants access to everything the program has to offer for yourself.  It also includes information on how your students can apply and receive all the same free resources.  If you have any questions please email academicprogram@qlik.com.


            Thank you,

            Sarah Milller

            Qlik Academic Program