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    Set Analysis with multiple conditions

    Benoît Gochel

      Hi All,


      I have a set analysis to make in order to exclude fields in a table.

      I want to keep only the lines from the subProjectGroup "P3" with a status "In Process" or "En cours".


      Here is my formula :


      Num(Sum({<[Proj.SousGroupeProjet]={"P3"}>}{<[Proj.ProjectStatus]={"En cours","In Process"}>}[#Hours.QTY]), '$(vNumFormat)')


      When I put


      Num(Sum({<[Proj.SousGroupeProjet]={"P3"}>}[#Hours.QTY]), '$(vNumFormat)')


      it works fine... same for


      Num(Sum({<[Proj.ProjectStatus]={"En cours","In Process"}>}[#Hours.QTY]), '$(vNumFormat)')

      But when I put both conditions, only the 'Proj.ProjectStatus' one is taken.


      What can I do to solve this?


      Thank you in advance.


      Best regards