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    Use Publisher to distribute on a Server which has a reload service ?

    Frédéric Villemin



      The question in one sentence is not very clear but I'm sure you will understand.


      We have a big standalone Qlikview Server S1.

      We are using the normal Distribution task without Publisher and we have many schedules.


      We have just bought Publisher and I have installed it on another server S2 with QMC and DSC only.

      It works correctly and it refreshes documents.


      Now I have a very important question : can I define S1 as a destination server (Distribute to) from S2 without removing all my refreshes configured on S1.


      I mean, I want to make a slow transition from Server standalone to Publisher and I want to use Publisher to refresh only a few documents and keep all other documents configured on the main Server with the legacy schedules.


      Is it possible ?

      Adding S1 as distribute destination from S2 wont' break all my schedules on S1 ?