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    Qlik GeoAnalytics - Exclude Null-Values

    Sabrina Richter

      Hi all,


      I got a problem while excluding NULL-Values:

      In the area plot I want to show regions when there are values. The problem is when I pick my dimension and give it a sum()-formula into the color formula it shows up all regions, doesn't matter if sum()=0 or not.

      I am able not to show them by give it an aggr-formula like this:

      =if('$(vEntfernungModus)' = 'Luftlinie',


          if('$(vEntfernungModus)' = 'Fahrzeit',


              if('$(vEntfernungModus)' = 'Fahrstrecke',





      The problem then is that one can not select multiple regions inside the extension.


      Anyone got a solution how I can select multiple regions and just show regions with values in the map?

      Thanks in advance.