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    Help Getting Started with Interactive Images

    Frank Carley

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm pretty new to QlikSense but really impressed by it's capability so far. I was hoping someone could help me getting started with interactive images or let me know if what I'm planning is even possible. Attached is a Store Layout which I was hoping to make interactive. What I'm planning is to have a Sheet with this the store layout on the left hand side and on the right hand side have a bar chart with Sales. The Bar Chart would then be in the format of a Drill down master object. Once Aisle 1 is selected in the image this would filter data for Aisle 1 on the bar chart. The user could then drill down in to the different categories comprising Aisle 1. Really appreciate being pointed in the right direction on this one.





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          Mark Ritter

          You will not be able to do this out of the box.  You would need to create a mashup and or use the API.  I unfortunately have not had the opportunity to do something like this yet.  But there are examples out there so that you can see what can be done.

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            Frank Carley

            For those interested, I've come across the following resource which looks like a strong contender:

            Qlik Branch

            It's called the Qlik Sense svgReader Extension. Looks like I will have to save the floor plan as an SVG using InkScape where I will need to draw the shapes but if I can map the ID to the Shapes eg 1 as Aisle 1 I should hopefully be able to assign data to it in Qlik and potentially even use it to filter the data as per my original plan.


            Will update the post to let people know how it's going for reference.

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              Frank Carley

              As mentioned in my last post I investigated using Qlik Branch to resolve my issue.


              These were the steps I followed:

              - I downloaded InkScape & loaded my jpeg of the floor plan.

              - Made a Bitmap copy of the image (ctrl B).

              - I deleted the original image and then on the Bitmap I got an outline of the image using View/Display/Outline.

              - Next step was using Trace Bitmap which is located under path.

              - I was then able to save my file in the SVG format

              - I manually drew the shapes for the aisles in Inkscape.

              - Once I drew a shape I right clicked on the Shape and opened Object Properties where I named the ID as per the Relevant Aisle

              - Once all the shapes were drawn I loaded the SVG image in to the package which I had downloaded from Qlik Branch "QlikSense SVG Reader"

              -  I was then able to create an interactive image on the left hand side and on the right side I created a drill down Bar Chart where I had linked my ID at the first level.


              All seems to be working nicely. Only issue I encountered is not being able to remove arrows in the top corners which allow you to change the rotation of the map but pretty happy overall.


              Any questions let me know.