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    Explict Logout of QlikView Session

      Is there a way to explicitly log off the current session? We are using the ajax ui within our own application and when the user is done using qlikview, we would like to end the qlikview session to free up a session cal. Also, if the user does not close the window, then the session is reused even if a different user creates a new ticket.

        • Explict Logout of QlikView Session

          Hello everyone,

          we have the same issue, but only we are using ie plugin.

          after the "session cal" user is provided with a ticket, clicked a document, that is one session, right? but what if he clicked again another qvw document, would that be two sessions opened at the same time, or the first session is closed? Because when I checked on the QEMC-QVS statistics-Documents and users, the two documents sessions were still opened.

          So the same question, how do we explicitly close the first session after openin another qv document.

          Thanks in advance.,


            • Explict Logout of QlikView Session

              Hey vhuynh and Jason,

              We also have similar reuirement to timing out the dashboard after a specific time. For that we can use inactive session time in enterprise management console. But is there anyway to get that information into ASP.net? I heard that there is a webservice avialable for QVS statistics and based on the active users we can find it out whose session is currently active.

              But unfortunately there is no documenation is availalble about this webservice. Do you have any ideas.

              Any help would be welcome.



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                  Everything in QEMC is implemented as a webservice (as far as I can tell). If you run any kind of http sniffer like Fiddler you should be able to get the request and response. Here's the request that QEMC calls to get the list of active users:

                  <update scope="QvsStatistics" ident="new:" kind="QvsStatistics_obj"><set name="QvsStatistics" /></update>

                  Of course, all of this is not documented.

              • Explict Logout of QlikView Session
                Oleg Troyansky

                I think this feature is coming up in ver. 10

                • Explict Logout of QlikView Session
                  Emmanuelle Bustos

                  I think Only the IE Plugin is able to colse session on the QVWebserver after close the window of the model or the browser totally, but not the Ajax