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    Controlling the documents available to each user in Access Point

    Theresa Aspenwall

      I have just upgraded from 9.0SR6 to 10.0SR3.  I have rad the following in the manual:



      Improved Document Lists

      The QlikView Server will only show documents to which the user has NTFS permissions. In QlikView 10

      the document lists will be filtered further: If a document has Section Access, the server will now only

      show the document to users that also are listed in the Section Access.




      The document list is respecting the NTFS permissions as it always has.  But, If a user has no access to the document because of Section Access, It is still displaying the document in Access Point for them.  If they select it, then they get the login box, and the access is denied. 



      Do I need to do something different to the applications to allow Access Point to recognize the Section Access??


      Thank You.