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    How to use AddressPointLookup in GeoAnalytics?

    Mohan Kumar



      I started using GeoAnalytics, I found interesting with Address Point Lookup in geo analytics. I read from this page Idevio GeoAnalytics Reference


      I really wanted to see any tutorials or document related to this feature, Since I could not able to understand how to specify the Address Table or Parameter. I am continuously getting an error like "You are not allowed to use the INLINE dataset type: Key not found" after every attempt I do. It doesn't make any sense to me.


      In addition, I wanted to clarify my understanding about this feature available in GeoAnalytics,

      It can generate Geo-points or Area for the Geo-name in our table,

      Geo-Analytics need more details such as country, state, postal code details in order to get accurate Lat, Long.


      Sharing any documentation or tutorial to understand regarding this feature is appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.