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    When I click "Edit script",pops a strange windows.

    wu amy



      I open qvw works well.Report looks great.


      But when I click 'Edit Script' to edit Script ,the message pops.(See picture)

      Although I wait a moment, the script windows will still appear.

      But I need to close the windows when I want to edit script everytimes.

      I want to solve the problem.


      The situation will happen when I open any qvw in my server.

      I make sure

      1. I use the account that is  the member of adminstractors group and Qlikview adiminstractor.

      2. The qvw I open that don't set any session access.

      3. I use the account that has name cals.

      4. The license of server is ok, i use the license in other server it works well.

      5.That is not the folder authorize problem. I put the test qvw  to any folder to open is same.


      By the way, I use the Adiminstrator account  that don't appear the problem.

      So,I think that is the problem about authorization.

      But I try the above point,I have no any idea now.

      Please help me,thanks.


      Problem signature:

        Problem Event Name: CLR20r3

        Problem Signature 01: qvsmanager.exe

        Problem Signature 02:

        Problem Signature 03: 50f69041

        Problem Signature 08: 13c

        Problem Signature 09: System.UnauthorizedAccess