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    Set Analysis Statement

    Jerry Helms

      I am sitting here scratching my head.  The following set analysis statement produces an empty string.


      =concat({$<CompPoints = {2}>} CompTitle,', ')


      The second one produces the string.


      =concat({$<CompPoints = {"=2"}>} CompTitle,', ')

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          Sunny Talwar

          What about if you add single quotes around 2 in your first expression


          =Concat({$<CompPoints = {'2'}>} CompTitle,', ')

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            Marcus Sommer

            The first one compared CompPoints against a numeric 2 and the second one compared CompPoints against a search-string containing 2. If you used single-quotes like '2' the first expression should be work too, whereby it depends on your release and some settings & when the app was created how the single-quotes are interpreted. More to them could you find here: Quotes in Set Analysis.


            Edit: Fields which contain values which could be numeric interpreted should be real numbers - this meant not to use '2' anywhere in the script else just 2 and if it's already stored as string it should be converted with functions like num#().


            - Marcus