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    Garbage after expression

    Gregor Voigt

      Dear community,


      I am developing a Qlik Sense App and struggle with the following KPI formula:


      =IF(-(SUM(Target_rev * year_flag)-SUM(Erloese_Netto*year_flag))/Sum(Target_rev) = 0, '' , -(SUM(Target_rev * year_flag)-SUM(Erloese_Netto*year_flag))/Sum(Target_rev) )


      The error message is:

      Garbage after expression '=IF(-(SUM(Target_rev * year_flag)-SUM(Erloese_Netto*year_flag))/Sum(Target_rev) = 0, '' , -(SUM(Target_rev * year_flag)-SUM(Erloese_Netto*year_flag))/Sum(Target_rev) )'

      Can you help me finding the error?


      Thanks a lot.



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          Sunny Talwar

          Would you be able to share a screenshot of the error message and the expression

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            Gregor Voigt

            Hey Sunny and Luis,


            first of all thanks for your requests.

            For some reason, without having changed anything, the garbage error disappeard. Nevertheless, the KPI shows no result at all.

            Attached you will find a screenshot for the KPI formular and a screenshot for the manually calculated variable year_flag. All other variables in the formular are just input data that is without an error because e.g. another KPI using the same input data is working properly:



            Can you solve this issue?


            Thanks a lot.

            Gregor Unbenannt.PNGUnbenannt2.PNG