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    NPrinting Postgres Password Reset

    Rafael Tramontini

      Hi there community !


      I started a NPrinting upgrade from September to November version in a customer where nobody was aware of Postgres password, so I´m not able to do data base backup.


      Is there a Qlik doc on how to reset the password for NPrinting Postgres ?


      I already checked the Qlik Sense doc on how to do it, but the files and folders are not the same, so it didn´t worked.


      Any ideia ?


      Kind regards,

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          Ricardo gerhard

          I also tried to find this document and didn´t find out.

          I guess that should be the same of Qlik Sense, but.....


          mto hic rwunderlich, do you know some oficial document from Qlik to help this guy?



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            Dillon Mullis

            Hi Rafael,


            Are you able to open a support case, so we may assist you with the recovery of the postgres password in NPrinting?  Someone in support will be able to assist, and recover it, but it should only be done with the assistance of a support engineer.  Thanks!



            Dillon Mullis

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              Ruggero Piccoli

              Please open a support ticket about this issue.




              Best Regards,



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                Rafael Tramontini

                Team, sorry for not answering before !


                rpc, mto, rwunderlich


                Based on your advise, I created a case with Qlik and received the following answer and worked fine to me !


                1. Stop all NPrinting services

                2. Open file pg_hba.conf at C:\ProgramFiles\NPrintingServer\data

                3. Change METHOD from md5 to trust. Save the file

                4. Start only QlikNprintingRepoService

                5. Open file pgadmin3.exe at C:\ProgramFiles\NPrintingServer\pgsql\bin

                6. Clik Add a connection to server

                7. Use the following details in New Server Registration

                Name: Nprinting

                Server: localhost

                Port: 4992

                Maintenance DB: postgres (select from pull down)

                Username: postgres

                Password: Left the field empty

                8. Once connected, select Nprinting then go to File > Change Password

                9. Enter your old password (empty again) and new password (x2) as requested

                10. Now stop the QlikNprintnigRepoService as well

                11. Update the "pg-password" key value stored in these 2 config files to the new password:

                C:\Program Files\NPrintingServer\NPrinting\WebEngine\webengine.config

                C:\Program Files\NPrintingServer\NPrinting\Scheduler\scheduler.config

                12. Change METHOD from trust to md5. Save the file

                13. Start all NPrinting services