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    Active Selection Year -1

    David Toomey



      I have the following formula:


      =Num(Sum({<[Distribution Channel] = {'Parts'},[Profit Center Desc] = {'Parts'} + {'Parts Operations'} + {'Selling Expenses'},[Customer Group Desc] -= {'Interdivisional'},

      [Short Text] -= {'I/C Com Sales'} + {'Cost of Sales - New'},[Fiscal Year] = {$-1} >} [Total Revenue]),'$#,##0;($#,##0)')


      "Fiscal Year" is currently selected in a List box elsewhere in the sheet and I need a year over year comparison, with this formula presenting the previous year. For the year over year I  attempted "$ -1" in the sum formula's selection. From my research I thought that the "$" serves as current selection. I believe I may be wrong. Thoughts?