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    Can I append records to a Qlik Sense table, once loaded?

    Stephen Hasson



      I have an app which provided sales details, by loading invoice information via an SQL View directly from my ERP. It's working fine, however for last year, a few months of sales took place in a legacy system, not the ERP.


      To get total sales, I wanted to append some records from a file I've prepared in Excel, covering the figures from the legacy invoices. I have structured this file in exactly the same format as the SQL view that provides the ERP invoice information.


      Is there a way I can load the Excel records to the table in the app, such that the invoices from ERP + legacy show together? They have the company and fiscal period/month in common, set exactly the same way.


      I can access the legacy data in the app, but it's not combined with the ERP data, so I can't really use in any meaningful way.


      Can this be done somehow in Load Editor?


      I have attached the app and the Excel.



      Thanks for any insights...